Hi I’m Tiffany,
I’ve been  artistic my whole life, makeup was my first outlet (I became a makeup artist at the age of 16). Before the brow trend really hit, I discovered what was needed to improve my own brows. I’ll never forget the feeling once I realized how much better I felt with the correct and clean shaped brows, It became my mission to give others that same feeling of beautiful brows. I started waxing and shaping brows exclusively which gave me the experience to understand all the brow shapes and how to help each individual client before ever taking permanent makeup courses. I’ve taken 10 separate courses from world renowned Permanent makeup instructors that equally have a passion and have been teaching for many years. I strive to give correct brows for each client to give them confidence in the first thing people see, the face. If you’d like to know more about me, who I am, and what I do, follow me on social media and contact me through my email tiffanyashten@gmail.com I would love to connect and give you beautiful brows!