Thank you for your interest in booking with Enhance Artistry.
Tiffany with Enhance Artistry only books six months at a time. Please note, the booking software does allow you to scroll past six months even though those appointment spots are not yet available. If the booking page shows that there is no availability within the next six months, please check back soon (within a couple days) as it continues to show six months at a time.

If you’re hoping for a sooner appointment, please book the first available appointment and then check back often for cancellations. Cancelled appointment spots stay updated on the website and are then considered the “soonest available appointment.” Those who check often usually get in sooner.


Yearly touch ups are for Enhance Artistry clients only.  If you have previous work done by someone else you must contact Tiffany from Enhance Artistry to see if your brows qualify. Please use the contact form to receive information about how to move forward with your brows if previous work was done.

Once booked, please read the FAQ page to prepare for appointment and let Enhance Artistry know if there are more questions.

In order to hold the date of your appointment a credit card will be held. The card will only be charged a fee of $100 in the event that the appointment was cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled time, or the client did now show up during the scheduled time. Otherwise, the card will not be charged.

Enhance Artistry location for appointment: Image Studios 10577 South Redwood Road, room 108.

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